Case Studies:

We have partnered with businesses from 1 person to over 100, from professional athletes, to doctors, to independent contractors, to builders. Though the size and the industry may vary, the business owner, and their vision for their future, remains our primary focus.

See below for case studies for the following business owners:

NBA All-Star        Cardiologists

New-home builder    Dentist

Realtor   Coffee-Shop Owner


Case Study: Maximum Deductions

NBA All-Star

A basketball all-star was receiving both a salary from the NBA as well as substantial income from multiple sponsorships. Although the NBA salary was not eligible for a qualified plan, his sponsorship income was, and he was looking for additional deductions.

Result: A retirement plan that maximized contributions for everyone on the payroll, resulting in a total annual contribution of $1Million per year, saving him $370,000 in taxes. 

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Case Study: Maximum to Owners


A cardiology practice consisted of 2 owners, 5 additional cardiologists, and over 100 office staff. The owners were looking for additional tax deductions and maximum retirement savings for themselves, while minimizing the contributions to the rest of the office.  

Result: A retirement plan with a $600,000 annual tax-deductible contribution. The plan covered less than 50 employees, and the two owners received over $500,000 of the total.

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Case Study: Buy-Sell, Key-Person

New-Home Builder

A building company had 3 partners and was growing rapidly, until one of the partners passed away unexpectedly. Not having a plan in place or current business valuation added to the emotional and financial toll for everyone involved. The partners wanted to be sure that, if something like this happened again, the business could continue and that they were financially secure.

Result: An informal business valuation, a buy-sell agreement between the remaining owners, and key-person insurance on three employees who were deemed to be critical to the success of the business. A retirement plan was used to provide tax-deductible premiums to the business for a portion of the buy-sell insurance. 

Wooden Home Framing

Case Study: Succession Planning

Dentist's Office

A 64 year old dentist was hoping to work for 5 more years, then sell the practice to his successor, a 45 year old dentist hired 3 years ago. Unfortunately, the successor dentist was unlikely to have the substantial funds needed to buy the business,

Result: A retirement plan which excluded the successor dentist. The contribution that would have been made each year for him was considered a down payment for the practice in the future. 

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Case Study: Retirement Savings


A successful real estate agent wanted to reduce taxes and save for retirement, but couldn't lock into fixed payments every year due to the variable nature of her income. She was also unsure about investments, and was worried that a recession was on the horizon. 

Result: A SEP IRA was started, where she could contribute as much as to 25% of her income, and conservative investments were selected to guarantee no loss of principal.


Case Study: College Planning

Coffee Shop Owner

A coffee shop owner had a very successful store that was the primary source of income for the family . His spouse stayed home to care for their 3 children, who were all under the age of 6. They wanted to start saving for college, but they were also concerned about how to afford college if the shop owner passed away and how to afford day care if the spouse passed away.

Result: Whole-life insurance policies on both the owner and the spouse. If they passed away unexpectedly, the death benefit would be available for them. If not, they could borrow from both policies to pay for college. In either situation, their children's financial future was no longer a concern.

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